Turbine cleaning

Reactor cleaning

Process pumps


Exemple de aplicatii, cleaning and other tasks

  • Internal and external cleaning of cooling towers
  • Cleaning drains, pipe lines, ash water lines, exhaust gas pipes
  • Cleaning heat exchangers, condensers, coolers 
  • Cleaning coal bunkers, settling and sediment basins, oil tanks, smoke stacks
  • Cleaning boilers and boiler tubes
  • Cleaning and stripping flue gas lines, flue gas washers, flue gas de-sulphurizing plant
  • Cleaning machine shops, workshops, production and transportation equipment
  • Cleaning air and water filter units, conveyors, conveyor belts 
  • Decontamination of tanks, pipes and machinery
  • Coating removal from concrete and metal structures
  • Decommissioning
  • Reactor cleaning

Exemple de aplicatii for process pumps

  • Boiler feed pumps for small  power plants and garbage incinerator plants

Cooling tower internal cleaning

Decontaminating coolers

Decontaminating coiled tubing